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Handspinners! Contact Us to get on our waiting list for covered white Cormo and white Corriedale fleeces as well as white Cormo/Corriedale cross fleeces. We shear from March through May each year and will begin contacting those on our list in late March or April.
This beautiful Cormo ram fleece
is snow white and soft!

Here's a beautifully crimped fleece from
Ruppert 1021, a Corriedale yearling ewe

Cormo Handspinning Fleeces  
Handspinning Fleeces
Our Cormo and Corriedale handspinning fleeces are all covered to ensure maximum cleanliness. They are soft, lustrous and have good staple length and high crimp definition.
Our handspinning fleeces are available each spring direct from the farm. A limited number are shown and sold at the Maryland and New York Sheep and Wool Festivals.
Cormo/fine wool fleeces- $19 - 30 per pound
Corriedale fleeces- $17 - 28 per pound
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Rupperts Corriedales at Windborne Farm

Geof and Barb Ruppert   |   Ann & Bill Ruppert
271 Crum Road * Fairfield, Pennsylvania 17320
(717) 642-6635 * e-mail:ruppertsheep1977[at]earthlink[dot]net